CO2 Backup System for Ai -86C ULT Ultra-Low Freezers

CO2 Backup System for Ai -86C ULT Ultra-Low Freezers
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  • Item #: G-CO2
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Price $2,500.00

Work with peace of mind, never lose your valuable materials with Ai CO2 backup system for Ai -86°C Glacier and RapidChill ultra-low freezers.

* Freezer and CO2 tank NOT included

Caution! CO2 container, backup system and freezer should be placed in a well-ventilated environment.





 Model  G-CO2
 Electrical requirements
 110V to 220V, 50/60Hz 1-Phase

 Lowest temperature: -70°C
 Cooling type: direct cooling
 Refrigerant: CO2
 Injection cycle during operation: 2 seconds, at 15 seconds interval

 Cryo valve  Imported from Germany
 Backup battery  48 hours
 High temperature alarm
 Low battery alarm
 Connection to freezer
 Thru one inch port on ultra-low freezer
 Maintenance  Test backup system once per month manually to prevent failure

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