Lab Society Stainless Steel Cold Trap Insert For Ai Cold Traps

Cold Trap
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  • Item #: LS-MTI80-KF25
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Blue silicone seal/insulation ring included in this purchase.

Protecting vacuum systems from unwanted constituents is essential to preserving the integrity and performance of any vacuum system. Utilizing a vacuum/cold trap in between vacuum pump systems and process systems is vital for ensuring the health of your vacuum system.  That’s why we’ve created this high-efficiency, stainless steel vacuum/cold trap for a multitude of applications.


  • NW/KF25 Inlet and Outlet Connections
  • ISO-Flange Lid – for high vacuum seal
  • Six (6) Tier Mesh Plates – for efficient vapor trapping and reflux retention
  • Fluid-filled Channel – for additional cooling efficiency and thermocouple insertion from the base of mechanical traps
  • Widened Internal Vapor Outlet – to prevent clogging/freezing inside vapor inlet tube
  • Silicone Insulating Ring – for insulation and tight fit into mechanical traps
  • Custom fit – for older generation t40’s/T80 mechanical traps
  • Can be used in liquid nitrogen or dry ice baths
  • Comes with silicone insulation ring that fits directly into the top portion of the reservoir of T40 & T80 cold traps
  • Internal Viton seal

NW/KF25 inlet and outlet flange ports.

This stainless mechanical cold trap insert features NW/KF25 inlet and outlet flange ports for tight, simple seals to vacuum pumps and process systems, along with a high-vacuum ISO flange lid to seal the body and lid portions of the trap. 

Six stainless steel mesh plates.
Internally, the trap features six (6) stainless steel mesh plates that are stacked inside to provide sufficient surface area to not only trap vapors that enter the trap but to also provide reflux retention of vapors inside of the trap throughout high-vacuum applications.

Fluid-filled channel inside.
Additionally, there is a fluid-filled channel inside of the trap that provides additional internal cooling and surface area, as well as a channel for thermocouples inside of mechanical cold traps.

Widened inlet.
The inlet from the processing system inside of the trap has been widened from 25mm to 40mm to eliminate freezing/clogging at the base of the inlet when filled with condensed liquids.

The trap has been custom made to fit inside existing mechanical cold traps on the market, including the older version of the T40 & any T80 version units sold here at Lab Society. 

Silicone insulating ring.
The silicone insulating ring creates a tight seal and insulation between the mechanical traps and stainless steel insert. The stainless steel mechanical cold trap insert may also be used in a dry ice or liquid nitrogen bath.



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